The support so far to help our Save The Chelsfield campaign has been brilliant.

We will be using this page to "Call to Arms" and announce what you can do to help our cause!

Currently we are now awaiting the decision by the Planning Inspectorate - this is being done solely by the written representations from all parties.  

There will not be a public inquiry to decide this, but all the comments and objections to the original application as well as the recent submissions directly to the Planning Inspectorate are included in the appeal.  

Our opportunity to provide further objections has now passed (on the 9th of May 2019) and there is now a further short period for final comments from Punch and Bromley.  Then it is up to the Planning Inspectorate to make their decision, this could then take around 26 weeks, possibly from the start date of the appeal, or possibly from 23rd May 2019 so it is not a quick process!  

We will keep an eye on the process and keep you informed via this site and our social media platforms.

Here is the information for reference on the appeal...

Details of the Planning Inspectorate appeal

Seven Reasons for contesting the appeal

Guide to completing Planning Inspectorate Representations

Click Here to go to the Planning Inspectorate Submission Page...

Crucial Appeal Dates are shown below:

Crucial Appeal Dates for us to Save The Chelsfield

Here is the timetable showing where we are at the moment:

A timetable for written procedures to help Save The Chelsfield

Thank you to all who have helped so far...